Resurrection Day

Wednesday, 14 April

I arrived for my session on Monday afternoon to find Leonard in a very animated state. The second that I stepped through the front door he scampered off into the house like an excitable puppy and I found him frantically sorting through a pile of books on the workroom floor.

“I have something for you…a late Easter gift…” he wheezed, quite out of breath.

He pulled out a weighty black book and handed it to me. It was old, battered and dusty and it had a strange symbol engraved on the front cover that looked like a Greek majuscule omega character sitting atop a Latin cross. 

“Is this for me?” I asked, rather bemused as to why Leonard would choose such an ominous-looking book for an Easter gift.
“Of course,” he answered and then he leaned towards me and whispered cryptically, “an architect cannot build his house without first feeling the weight of his hammer.”

I was puzzled by his strange reply but I smiled politely and opened the book to explore its contents. The title on the first page, written in Leonard’s distinctive calligraphic handwriting, read ‘The Omega Course’ and to my surprise I discovered that the book was entirely hand-written and each page was decorated with Leonard’s elaborate drawings of exotic animals and birds, bizarrely-shaped human figures and strange geometric patterns. I recognised the script of a number of ancient languages – Greek, Hebrew, a few Egyptian hieroglyphics – but some of the most incomprehensible sections were those that were written in English; one entire page was simply a list of vowels written in large capital letters! I noticed several short paragraphs with intriguing titles such as ‘Dream Oracle’, ‘Charm for Success’, ‘Vessel Divination’ and ‘Spell for Revelation’ which suggested that the book was, from all appearances, a book of magical rituals.

Still a little confused by his choice of gift, I thanked Leonard profusely and as I closed the book a handmade bookmark slipped out onto the floor. It was decorated with the same fantastical drawings of strange creatures and he had written a message on the reverse that read:

‘Call it an egg…Happy Easters…now and in all your years ahead’